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Shaun Rey


Born and raised in the upper section of Manhattan called Washington Heights, Shaun Rey satisfied his calling in becoming an Actor. His love for entertainment, music and the arts lead him to this new found career. He continues to study his craft at the Penny Templeton Studio in New York City.


Stats: 5'11, Athletic

Location: New York, NY

Willing to travel


Zombie Pizza                Roberto           Mike Dudko – Untamed Pictures

Sunday Nights               Nick                TR Burns – TR Burns Films

Living With No Regrets    Juan               Jamal Hall  –Cinestyle Media Group

Poison                           Ray                Maurice Paramore – Dreamboy Vision

Rapture                         Carlos             Nadine Barnett-Cosby  – InOurSKIN  Productions


The Perfect Murder        Gus                Kevin Kaufman – Kaufman Films

Good Dads                   Alejandro        Christian Stayton – A&C Productions

Fatal Attraction             Ethan             Jeffrey Woods – Jupiter Entertainment

Crime City Diaries         Jason              Larry Spivey – Legend Productions

Deep Undercover           Hector            Mark Johnson – M3 Prime Productions


In the Line of Fire          Ivan Marcano   Atlas Media Group

Training & Workshops

Penny Templeton Studios  New York, NY

Sedgewick & Russell Studio  New York, NY



2010 - present
2010 - present
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